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Can we survive the turbulent world we live in? Yes, we can!


Sadness between wife and husband

sad daughter hugging his mother at home. Concept of couple family is in sorrow.

I want to address the world situation we are now living in.

Yes, there’s a huge amount of turmoil and heartbreak out there.  Yes, we are all hurting over the hurricane damage in Puerto Rico. The wildfires in California. The world stage waiting to see what will happen with North Korea.

The conflict concerning President Trump. The killing field that a harmless music festival became in Las Vegas.

What I get from my readings about these horrific events is that we are being compelled to remember that the true essence of happiness and peace is simplicity. That simplicity can literally help to change the world.

It starts with each of us – in our own small communities.  The way we proactively raise our children.  How we reach out and help our neighbors. How we reach out to strangers in need.

The KISS theory that the military loves to follow is Keep It Simple Stupid. Let’s change out that word “stupid” to be Someone. Or maybe just YOU.

I know…that word doesn’t start with an S.

Here’s the thing we all need to remember – YOU, each and every one of you – everything begins and ends with all of US.

What we project. What we believe. What we fear.

How do we change this? We start by changing ourselves. Is this a beautiful world? It is.  We need to manifest that.  Can we overcome hatred and violence in our lives? If we believe we can, we will.

It all starts with YOU. With ME. All of us working together to create a better world.  We can do it. We can achieve it. All we have to do is BEGIN.

As my son Zachary who sat on a corner of my desk when he was 15 years old while I was busy working on email readings once asked, “Mom, if none of this is ‘real’, doesn’t that mean we can make life whatever we want it to be?”

OMG…he nailed it. He knew nothing about manifesting the future, the Law of Attraction, co-creating reality with the Higher Power – none of it.

But he nailed it.

He’s precisely right…we do hold the power to change our lives – AND the world. Start small. Start at home. You hold tremendous power when it comes your children. They are, after all, destined to become the leaders of our world in years to come.

Go forward from there. Remember, it’s up to ALL of us to change the world. It only happens – one step at a time.