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Archive for August 2009

Love Doctor Insights: Getting rid of your emotional cement overcoat

Love Doctor insights explain that realizing that you wear a cement overcoat emotionally and why is definitely a step in the right direction in the sense that it confirms your desire for awareness so that you can change the path you are following to the future. Enabling you, by having that awareness, that you are more than ready to embrace a happier life for yourself now.

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Love Doctor Insights: Telling the truth in difficult situations

Love Doctor insights help us when we need to confront someone or we have an important complaint to make, what better words are there in the English language to level the playing field and enable our opponent to glimpse our side of the situation than, “I’m really sorry, but…” More tips on this method.

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Psychic Love Insights: The secret to finding true personal happiness

In all the years I’ve spent giving psychic readings, I have never perceived one particular individual as a perfect “mate” for anyone. Intuitively speaking, we all have the opportunity to enter into a multitude of relationships depending on how we choose to actually lead our lives from the emotional level.

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Psychic Love Doctor Insights: The downside to being adaptable

The ability to ‘adapt’ to what Life hands us is truly an admirable quality. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to spend an entire lifetime merely settling for what we have – when our hearts yearn to embrace so much more. Psychic/intuitive card readings can guide us well in these instances.

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