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Archive for October 2009

Psychic Awareness: Spirits haunt our land, what can we do?

You gave us a reading six years ago advising us about investing in and living on a large piece of acreage and warned us about buying the first piece of property we fell in love with, because that may very well be a “lemon.”

We waited many months and passed over a few select parcels, then bought what we thought was a fitting choice. That land did turn out to be a real “lemon” — it is haunted by spirits that did not want us to be there.

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Psychic Awareness: Do you have the mind of a scientist?

Possessing what can best be summed up as the mind of a scientist and the heart of a realist romantically, it’s no wonder emotions are so challenging in your own personal search for happiness.

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Psychic Love: When partners grow while living apart

Often in readings, the cards will indicate that your partner is not ready to commit to his or her feelings for the long haul. As a result, a breakup occurs and you may become all the more frustrated and perplexed as time continues to pass.

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What does death really mean in Personal Prophesy Card Readings?

Death, in terms of Personal Prophesy (this card reading method), is always perceived as a New Beginning and never an Ending. Death always signifies one door closing as another door naturally opens – on one level or another – for us.

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Psychic Love: Communicating when you don’t want the divorce

When a spouse during a legal separation realizes he or she sincerely doesn’t want the impending divorce, I suggest attempting to re-establish meaningful contact while striving in the process to overcome his or her own personal fear of rejection.

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