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Archive for November 2009

Psychic Insights: Harsh words spoken betray heart that still cares

When you conduct Personal Prophesy readings for yourself and others – or you have a Personal Prophesy reading conducted for you, you’ll quickly find that hate is far closer to love than was ever previously imagined. The cards will clearly show that such hate is essentially only a defensive posture taken. Beneath that hate still lies a tremendous amount of love – wounded and wrapped in anger as it may be. The bottom line is that it’s still love.

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Psychic Love: Affairs with married men…is there hope?

Any woman engaged in an affair with a married man knows deep down that regardless of how much she hopes for a committed future with him, she is doomed to be at the mercy of his marriage until he makes a choice. Learn how to cope with affairs and how to empower yourself in them.

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Psychic Awareness: Connecting emotionally with others is difficult when they’re prisoners of the past

Proven Psychic Love Doctor insights provide guidance on how to cope when a partner, friend or family member is fixated on the past and unable to move forward. Learn how to deal with a loved one who still lives in the past, when to move forward and when to step back.

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How do you start bringing metaphysical change to your life?

So often I’m asked, “How do I change my life?” Surprisingly, the answer that question is really very simple.  And yet, it can seem horribly complex and overwhelming when you are mired in a life that seems utterly incapable of change. In terms of Personal Prophesy card […]

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Psychic Awareness: Hoarding never leads to abundance, no matter how you slice it

Some call stockpiling money being frugal when you are fortunate enough to make a lot of it. Especially if you are fortunate enough to do so during a period of national recession. When it comes to celebrities who are paid millions for their faces on film in one form or another and don’t freely share their wealth with the world, it’s just plain hoarding.

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