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Archive for July 2019

You made a terrible mistake. You cheated. What Now?

This is a huge issue with so many of those who come to me for readings. Especially women. Women needing someone to confide in, to confess to. Even cry to. They’re desperate for comfort and struggle for a way to cope – somehow – with their guilt […]

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When You Can’t Get Over Your Past

So many of us have lived disastrous lives in the past, striving our hardest to overcome the pain we suffered so long ago.  We had horrible childhoods. We suffered abuse – physically, emotionally – possibly even sexually. We were neglected. Tossed aside as young children while our […]

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Getting the “Ungettable” Romantically: Can You?

So often we meet those that we feel we can really click with. We’re hitting it off in a huge way. It seems like something real is going to happen romantically. But…will it? My perception in readings is that relationships that have true potential will prove themselves […]

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