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Archive for April 2022

You Are One Decision Away from a Different Life

“You’re always one decision away from a totally different life.”                                                           David Lagana Did you read that statement and did […]

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Why Didn’t I?

You thought you knew the path to the future you were destined to take. Off to college, going back to college. Striving to nail down this job, that job. Marrying someone you loved. You found yourself suddenly going in an entirely new direction due to extenuating circumstances. […]

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Does He/She Truly Love You?

You find yourself in a whirlwind romance.  You meet, you click in an awesome, most meaningful way.  Before long, you’re spending every day and night together. That incredible feeling of “this is real Love” overcomes you and you feel swept away. The two of you move in together. […]

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