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Psychic Celebrity: Tiger Woods and his fall from grace

Tiger Woods with golf club

Tiger Woods and his wife, Elin, have finalized their divorced, according to

It’s a done deal as of today.

Tiger found out earlier this month that he isn’t the Superman he used to be on the golf course, tearing things up and setting the golfing world on fire.

His skills suddenly went south and pundits the world over have been out in full force yammering like crazy trying to explain or excuse his incredibly embarrassing fall from grace that caused one domino after the other in his life to tip and collide, seemingly starting with the Bridgestone Invitational.

As Jemele Hill of wrote in her column on August 9th:

Tiger shot 18 over par at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational earlier this month, and even worse, he appeared to mail it in on a course he’s won on seven times.  Before this year, “mail it in” and “Tiger” belonged in the same sentence about as much as Albert Haynesworth and Jenny Craig.  But this was Tiger’s worst outing as a professional, and the truly frightening thing for Woods is that there’s no reason to believe things will improve when he plays the PGA Championship this week.

She’s right.  There is no reason to believe things will improve for Tiger Woods. And, what a surprise…they didn’t.

If there’s one thing the Universe brings into our lives, it’s balance.

Think about it.

Tiger Woods made a mockery of his marriage, his family, his children. He consciously and consistently chose to engage in those illicit affairs, lie and cheat, make a fool of himself willingly because he had to know he was destined to be exposed. And he was. We all saw it, watched it, witnessed it – bit by little bit.

The Universe was busy watching and taking score.

Now we’re witnessing the celebrated Universe as Tiger knew it collapsing in on him and why?  Because, plainly speaking, he deserves it.

He thought paying off this one or that one or even his wife in divorce would enable him to stay on top in terms of being a winner.   What he didn’t bargain on is how the Universe will sit back and take its toll to restore balance in a natural, exacting, excruciating fashion – when it feels ready to do so.

In other words what you take from someone else, will inevitably be taken from you times ten.

Tiger Woods had the entire world dangling on a string in terms of fame and fortune. He had it all – a loving family, children, more money than he could even sit down and count – a life that seemed flawless, publicity-wise. Then, he decided to entertain the attention of women for his own illicit pleasure. Intuitively speaking, he scoffed in the face of his own amazing good fortune. He essentially scoffed in the face of the Universe.

It had nothing to do with his golfing.  The man is still brilliant in terms of his game.  What happened is the Universe decided to start subtracting from the countless blessings he had received.

First with his reputation, then his family, his confidence and lastly, his ability to be a winner.

Why?  Because the cards reveal that Tiger was never sorry for the pain and disappointment his private life brought to his wife.

Sure, he could pay Elin off and he has, but remember…the Universe was busy paying attention.   Busy arranging that appointment with Tiger’s own destiny and his impending fall from grace.

Money is easy for Tiger to give away.

What isn’t easy for him to sacrifice is his own reputation and standing as a golfer and that’s where the Universe zeroed in…to hit him right where it hurts.