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Psychic Awareness: Getting ‘over’ at work while feeling screwed?

woman looking at pile of office file foldersIt never fails when I’m conducting a reading for a client who feels victimized by coworkers or the boss on the job.

He or she sees themselves as screwed.

Screwed because coworkers just plain don’t like them.  Screwed because the boss is a severe taskmaster who the client perceives would just as soon kick him or her to the curb for the slightest error in judgment.

Screwed because they know they aren’t performing up to standard by their own estimation.

Yet Personal Prophesy card readings will reveal an entirely different scenario about the client and his/her job.

The reading will clearly indicate that the client has tremendous potential that is barely being tapped at that particular work place.

Personal Prophesy readings are extremely precise when it comes to “where” we are and “where” we should be.  Just because we choose to take a job doesn’t mean we’re working within the realm of our own true potential.

Personal Prophesy will unequivocally let you know when you are merely doing the “9 to 5” dance for a job and not answering your own true professional calling.

Naturally coworkers are unfriendly.  Of course, the boss is a tyrant and you feel utterly screwed.


Because you’re not living up to your true potential, silly – by taking a path toward the future in that particular occupation which is not leading toward your own true personal and professional fulfillment!

Yes, it is that simple.

Here’s the thing that clients have such difficulty grasping when they request readings about their work.  A job is a job.  It pays the bills.  You have no choice but to take the guff, the crap, the outright abuse you’re dealt on a daily basis.

But when you’re engaged in a calling that leads to a serious career, there is no crap, no guff, no abuse.  A door opens and then another and another.  Visualize yourself as Dorothy from the “Wizard of Oz” when she opens that door inside her black and white house and steps out into a world filled with rich, beautiful color.

That’s how answering your own professional calling will feel.  You find yourself feeling so fulfilled and satisfied, meshing effortlessly with your coworkers and bosses that it’s practically an orgasmic experience.

You know what?  That’s when you are working and living up to your true potential.  The cards will guide you every step of the way to achieve that goal.

So how to ‘get over’ at work when you think you’re screwed?

Bottom line, you really can’t.  You’ve pushed your round self into a square hole, and the only answer is to push yourself out of that hole.  Or you simply force yourself to accept a miserable existence in your working life, day after day after…you get the picture.

But life doesn’t have to be that way – if you are receptive to change, allowing yourself to embrace a new future, the one you truly want for yourself.

First, let Personal Prophesy guide you to the occupation that truly sets your hair on fire.

The one that fills you with passion.  The one you know from the bottom of your heart is your true calling in life.

I have clients who are doing magical things with their lives because they listened to the intuitive prophesy of the cards. They are living their dreams career-wise today.

You can, too.

Second, sometimes we find ourselves settling when we should be striving for more.

When we find ourselves in a stifling, unforgiving work environment, where is it written that we have to settle for that?

It’s important to realize you are not where you should be and to start looking elsewhere for more than a job; rather a career path that truly fulfills you.

Clients of mine who abandoned such stifling jobs are now designers, lawyers, actors, writers, entrepreneurs and more – because the cards guided them out of  the rut of unsatisfying jobs.

Third, believe in yourself and let yourself be who you want to be!

Why shouldn’t you be pursuing your own deepest, most cherished dreams?

Stop and think for a minute.  Why are you in this world?  To merely waste your life away pounding rocks together to bring home a paycheck – or are you here to advance mankind, celebrate your creative energy and bring fulfillment to your own spirit?

If you’re prone to think it’s “all about a paycheck” and hate what you do, I’m sorry to say you are plainly screwed.  Chances are you always will be, forced to live an unfulfilled existence while being subjected to unfriendly coworkers and tyrannical bosses.

Fact:  You will always be at the mercy of those who lord over you with authority – unless you do something about it!

Can you really enjoy a new way of life where you get up everyday, eager to go to work?

Yes, you can!  As Personal Prophesy card readings  have guided countless others out of dead-end jobs toward answering their own true calling in life and are today so successful as a result, it’s up to you to have that kind of faith in yourself.

Start by realizing you are the creator of your own reality.

You are precisely where you are because you chose to put yourself there.  Once you decide to put one foot forcefully in front of the other toward a new future – the future you truly deserve – you’ll find it.  I guarantee it.

You won’t feel screwed any longer.