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Psychic Love: When a reading reveals he’s an emotionally insecure man

Stressed Out ManPersonal Prophesy card readings are dead on in terms of revealing to us the genuine emotions of those in our lives, their personal motivations, what essentially makes them “tick.”

Especially in romantic relationships.

For instance, Maggie* has been involved with a man who holds himself back from sharing his deepest  feelings with her.  In the months that they’ve been steadily dating, he’s seemed to really enjoy her company and the intimacy they’ve come to share.  However, he hasn’t as yet communicated his feelings toward her.

Maggie has interpreted his reluctance to express himself openly to her to mean he apparently doesn’t care very much for her on a meaningful level.

“If he did, he would tell me, wouldn’t he?” she asked in her reading request.

Maggie’s reading not only addressed that question, it also provided a deep well of important intuitive information and guidance to draw from about this man’s innermost thoughts and feelings toward her.

Her cards revealed that he’s actually very much in love with her to the point where he wants to consider marrying her.  At the same time, he was also perceived to be wrestling with a significant amount of uncertainty about her and the realistic future of  this relationship.  This man, plainly speaking, doesn’t have a clue how to deal with his feelings or how to even begin to let her know how he feels without putting himself at serious risk of getting hurt.

Intuitively speaking, Maggie’s boyfriend sees her as a strong, independent woman who clearly has a mind of her own.  He knows she’s going places in her work and understands how intensely confident she is in her expectations to be successful.  All qualities he’s perceived to genuinely admire.   But they are also qualities that tend to intimidate and worry the heck out of him.

Even though this man is perceived to be aware that Maggie cares for him, he also knows that she faces the future with a sense of courage and boldness which could easily propel her right out of his life for good.  He’s never experienced that kind of fierce determination from any of his girlfriends in the past.  They were all basically submissive ‘do nothings’ who simply wanted to hook up with a guy and get married.  Now, here he is, in this amazing relationship with an amazing woman who possesses the power to crush him emotionally.

And that literally scares the bejesus out of this guy.

I know I’m going to lose her, the cards from his perspective in her reading insisted.  I don’t have what it takes to keep her happy, the cards indicated that he feared.  She’ll meet someone else in her drive for success and dump me, I saw he was convinced.  I’m better off not telling her how I feel so I don’t get hurt, was his personal mantra in her cards.

Crazy thinking, right?  She loves him and he loves her, but look who’s ready to run for the hills, emotionally trying to escape getting hurt.  Yup, none other than that big, strong testosterone carrier Maggie is involved with.

Intuitively speaking, men who harbor such insecurities about themselves or the relationships they’re in have a tendency to emotionally hold themselves back or even completely withdraw in an effort to prepare themselves for loss long before it ever has any potential to occur.  And they do so for no other reason than to try to insulate themselves from what they expect will be inevitable future pain.

When this is the case in readings for women like Maggie, I advise them to be open about their feelings to reassure these guys that what they feel is real and lasting, no matter what.  While Maggie had been cautiously holding herself in check to prevent giving too much of herself too soon, the cards were indicating that her boyfriend was interpreting her cautiousness as lack of committed feeling on her part for him.

She was urged in her reading to start revealing her feelings for him so that he would feel secure enough to do the same in return.

It’s up to those like Maggie in relationships like this to be willing to lead the way.

By feeling so sure of their feelings toward these men to say, “Hey, I love you,” every chance they get.   By reassuring these guys and showing them that love is always a strength in our lives and never weakness through loving them that much.

Bottom line, by making these men they love feel so happy and secure that the emotional running shoes they’ve been wearing end up outside in the dumpster – right where they belong.

*Name changed to ensure confidentiality