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A Powerful Visualization to Help Manifest What You Want Most in Your Life

Personal Empowerment through the Two of Hearts:

A tremendous amount in Personal Prophesy readings deals with positive action and manifesting using the Law of Attraction.  Visualizations enable us to bring the potential perceived in readings closer to becoming reality within the framework of our lives. 

This is especially true through the Two of Hearts – the one card in the deck characterizing meaningful personal fulfillment on all levels:  Love, career, happiness, and success.  

This visualization is extremely simple but oh-so-powerful.  I urge you to give it a try!

What do you wish for…dream of….hope for…from the deepest part of your heart? 

Maybe it’s a happy home and family….a terrific new job…a beautiful lasting marriage, better health, financial security, even just being able to finally feel at peace.

Right now, visualize yourself there, in that place, in that setting, feel it, experience it completely. 

Focusing now completely on this wish, this hope, this dream…visualize yourself looking down at an oblong, multi-faceted shiny gold bar sitting at your feet.  

Reach down and pick it up with both hands.

Now, visualize yourself pressing that bar to your chest as you transfer the pure intensity of that wish…

that dream…all you hope for…into that gold bar.  

Once you are literally holding what is most precious to your heart in that gold bar, draw in a slow, deep breath as you lift that bar with strong, determined arms up over your head into bright sunlight.

Visualize yourself looking up at that bar.  See the countless energy-filled shafts of sunlight bouncing brilliantly off the faceted sides of it.  Actually feel the bar glowing warm in your hands from the intense energy of that sunlight.

Now, envision yourself in that happy home and family or going about that great job, the joy of that marriage – whatever wish, hope or dream you put into that gold bar, envision it as if it was yours at that moment.

Mentally say to yourself – not “I hope this will happen for me,” but instead, “This will happen for me!”  

Speak these words to yourself so clearly and with such faith and belief that all doubt disappears from your mind. 

In that instance, know from the deepest part of your heart that this wish, this hope, this dream is on its way to you. 

Feel it, believe it! 

Repeat this visualization daily.  Watch what happens as the future takes shape in your life over the course of the next 30 to 60 days.

Results for others using this powerful visualization have been amazing.  They will be for you, too!

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