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Deborah Leigh

deborah leigh at her desk with cards laid out in front of herSince 1998,  I have taught the Personal Prophesy card reading method to those who wanted to learn how to perceive their own futures from a deck of ordinary playing cards using the Personal Prophesy card reading method my grandmother taught me in 1982.  I’ve also conducted thousands of readings for clients over the years – many who are still receiving readings to this day.

Everything I know about intuitive perception and how to use it to live a happier, more fulfilled and love-filled life I learned from my grandmother’s teachings.  To this day, I’ve not been able to find any information about the dynamic Personal Prophesy method documented anywhere.

The Personal Prophesy card reading method is an incredibly powerful and life-affirming system.

The future opens up in ways the average person never dreams of.  In readings, I’m able to really ‘zero in’ on specific issues and problems, relationships, career pursuits, current roadblocks to success and happiness.  Using ordinary playing cards as the focal point for intuitive perception,  that perception becomes very much like having a new pair of eyes  – eyes capable of seeing us through the darkest of days to guide us toward paths of hope, promise and fulfillment.

Believe me, you won’t consider yourself to ever feel helpless again!

While others capable of perceiving the  future might consider themselves to be “gifted,” I prefer to think of myself as possessing an exceptionally well-developed intuitive sense from over over 28 years of reading playing cards.  To me, such perception is a “skill” rather than a “gift” — one others are just as capable of developing.

We all have the ability  to perceive the future through this intuitive sense.  All it takes is  time, concentration and enough proper guidance.

As an experienced professional intuitive reader/psychic counselor  and coach using my perception to help others achieve happier lives, I also teach Personal Prophesy card reading to those who want to learn to perceive the  future for themselves.

My book,  The Message: Your Secrets in the Cards, published by O Books, contains complete instruction in the Personal Prophesy card reading method.   Please feel free to contact me for your copy of  the Personal Prophesy Mini Course, free of charge.  It offers enough instruction to get you started perceiving the future with accuracy and insight using ordinary playing cards as the focal point for intuitive perception.

I also offer courses in Personal Prophesy card reading leading to professional certification as a bona fide practitioner of the Personal Prophesy method.   Those who are interested in enrolling in private training with me can email me directly for details.

It’s also extremely rewarding to me to conduct readings to those who wish personal psychic guidance and coaching.  Feel free to arrange a private reading with me.

The Personal Prophesy card reading method and its empowering philosophy provides us with an entirely new way of looking at life and the world.  Once you’ve experienced it, you won’t view any aspect of your life in quite the same way again!

Your journey into Tomorrow begins right here…a warm welcome to you!

Deborah Leigh