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How can a deck of playing cards help me guide my life?

drawing of playing cards in a pileHow can a deck of playing cards help me guide my life?

Truthfully, they can’t.  They are merely pieces of plastic with numbers, symbols and pictures on them.  It’s the perception that can be drawn from them intuitively that miraculously helps to guide your life.

This is an extraordinary psychic method I learned from my grandmother over 30 years ago. The method she called Personal Prophesy.

I’ve conducted thousands of readings as the well-known Psychic Love Doctor on AOL, and as a radio talk show host on and weekly. I’m deluged with reading requests through my website, from those who yearn for a better, more meaningful way of life.  The cards never fail to guide the way!

What sets this method apart from other psychic methods is that the message of the cards is so literal, sharing deep insight with you where you are at present, where you are headed in the future and how to make that future more love-filled and abundant for you.

Personal Prophesy readings become an important and dynamic instrument for you to bring happiness, love and success into your life.

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