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More information concerning Psychic Love Doctor readings

Deborah Leigh here!

I assure you that your reading won’t be the tired old stuff you find on other sites, the same old, vague “blah blah” that puts a few bucks in some flash-in-the-pan ‘expert’s’ pocket after marketing his or her canned-response drivel.

You’ll get the real deal here 100 percent of the time.  Your reading will be specifically conducted just for you, always in an atmosphere of complete confidentiality.

A Personal Prophesy card reading is highly empowering and uplifting!

Not only are you given intuitive insight about your current situation, you’re also provided with ways to make the future better based on that current situation and the options/choices you have available to you.

In other words, you’ll receive psychic tips and suggestions in your reading leading toward a far more successful outcome.

I provide a caring, down-to-earth, realistic approach and delivery to all readings with complete confidentiality always assured. Any personal information shared is never compromised or divulged to others. It remains completely between the two of us.  Always.

Your Personal Prophesy reading is conducted for you from the point of view of a good friend and loyal confidante – someone you can really open up to without fear of ever being judged, lectured to or in any way made to feel lost in a bunch of metaphysical mumbo jumbo.

Most turn-around times on readings on readings are 24 – 72 hours, depending on the length of my current reading list at a particular time.  I do, however, take Sunday through Tuesday off each week to focus on my work giving readings and conducting card reading classes at my Healing Fountain office in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

If you are local to the Hampton Roads area, please do contact me for a face-to-face reading by calling me for an appointment at 757-779-7592.

Should I find myself unduly delayed due to the number of email readings scheduled ahead of yours (I never rush readings to try to stay on schedule), I will offer you a complimentary reading to thank you for your patience waiting for me.  Should you find the wait to be too long, I will cheerfully give you a refund.

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