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Psychic Celebrity: Demi and Ashton and the whole Brittany Jones conundrum

Demi Moore and Ashton KutcherFirst, let’s get one thing straight.

Whether or not Ashton cheated or Ashton and Demi have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” open marriage arrangement enabling them to do as they wish sexually with others isn’t the heart of the situation.

Frankly, it’s how cheap and callously Brittney Jones shared with the media what could have – and should have – remained private.

Something is happening these days where women in the public eye (or those merely wanting to be in the public eye) are stooping to an incredibly low standard.

Marketing sex tapes.   Getting arrested in barroom brawls.  Emotional and financial extortion.  Broadcasting what may or may not be true.

What these women who are so obviously acting out of a sense of narcissism,rage or their own stupidity don’t understand is they are only living up to every negative assertion that has ever been expressed or believed about their own gender.

Why they would want to portray themselves as publicity sluts and whores, I can only attribute to narcissistic thinking, rage or sheer brainlessness on their parts.  Aside from the publicity and the money-making machine that results, the bottom line is they come off looking like real losers.

As is the case, I perceive with Brittney Jones, who Star Magazine first reported:

The brunette Demi look-alike — who you’ll see only in Star — says that she met Ashton in July while bowling at Lucky Strike Lanes in Hollywood. Although the That ’70s Show star was there with Demi, his stepdaughter Rumer Willis and some other friends, it didn’t stop him from swooping in and striking up a conversation with the young woman, who was sitting at a cocktail table.

Although the woman admits she knew Ashton was there with Demi, that didn’t stop her from slipping him her number on a cocktail napkin when he was getting ready to go. But little did she know that just days later she’d be having sex with Ashton on a sofa in the house he shares with Demi and her daughters!

“I felt totally comfortable in his arms,” she tells Star. “It was tender and nice — not some random sex act.”

My perception is that Brittney doesn’t give a care about Ashton, Demi or even herself.  After all, the girl has posed nude and even has a sex tape herself to market.

Her own cards reveal her to be just another fame whore, in plain English.

In my perception, she’s getting her 15 minutes and once those 15 minutes are up, she’ll be slinking back to the gutter she came from.

As for Demi, she’s perceived in the cards to be putting on a fabulous ‘game face’ right now but she’s cringing and literally dying inside from the glare of the media spotlight.  She clearly wants Jones to simply shut the hell up.  But that isn’t going to happen.  Jones is on a roll and determined to play this juicy tidbit of scandal out for all it’s worth.

As for Ashton,  my perception is that he couldn’t be more sorry for this tragic turn of events.  He realizes he’s playing a loser’s game in that no matter how many cards he plays, he’s going to find his way into the dumper.  And he’s right.

The only – and I do mean, only – thing he has going for himself as this scandal runs its course is that Demi truly wants to stay married to him.  Yes, she feels extreme disappointment and grief over Ashton’s severe poor judgment and how she finds herself suffering such embarrassment publicly.  Still, in her heart of hearts she wants to make a new start with Ashton and put this sordid experience behind her.

Will that happen?  My perception is as a result of reading both Demi and Ashton’s cards that they will find their way clear of this horrible debacle.  Their marriage will be restored to an even keel.  What troubles me is that I don’t feel Ashton truly has his head screwed on straight nor has he achieved the right level of maturity for that new start to really stick in terms of their marriage.

The cards indicate that he will be caught openly cheating again in the future and when it happens, my perception is that Demi will throw in the towel completely on this marriage to spend a period of time on her own.

In time, she’ll find herself in a new relationship with a man of true maturity with far better judgment.