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Getting the “Ungettable” Romantically: Can You?

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So often we meet those that we feel we can really click with.

We’re hitting it off in a huge way.

It seems like something real is going to happen romantically.

But…will it?

My perception in readings is that relationships that have true potential will prove themselves to become reality. Often, it’s just a matter of time. It’s as if these relationships are genuinely destined to be. And they do happen.  As a result, I perceive nothing but love and happiness for the future.

Other relationships don’t show the same potential in readings. They indicate struggle and frustration. Hardship emotionally.  It never fails to come down to “potential” – if that relationship moving to a new level will be or not to be. So often, it’s “not to be.”

For instance, engaging in an affair with someone married.

In my 30+ years of conducting professional readings, I’ve only rarely perceived an affair that evolved into a lasting, meaningful relationship outside of that marriage. Most times, that affair ends due to the outsider choosing to say, “I’m done.” And they walk away. When that outsider reaches that point, that’s where their own future starts to begin.

Again – rarely – that married partner will end his or her marriage to salvage that relationship outside of marriage. Unfortunately, when the two come together after an affair, there is so much baggage attached that they ultimately don’t stay together for the long haul.

A relationship with someone who is gay.

No matter how hard you try or what you do, the truth is you are not going to sway that man or woman away from their own true sexual orientation. Sometimes we feel so driven romantically that we are compelled as if its our ‘mission’ to get that man or woman we love to become heterosexual.

It isn’t going to happen. Love him or her for who they are and leave it at that. You only bring deep sadness to your life if you don’t reach that point of acceptance.

Dating the man or woman your friend has broken up with.

Don’t do it. Don’t put yourself into the mix of their breakup drama by dating that man or woman your friend has dumped – or been dumped by. Take a big step back and wait. Wait for the time when you undertake dating that ex of your friend.

It doesn’t matter who was wrong in that relationship, why they broke up and where the two of them are in the aftermath. You owe it to your friend to be this loyal. To not overstep the bounds of your relationship as friends. To wait until the time is right for you to ask your friend if she or he is okay with you dating the ex.

Six months to a year from now? Yes. It’s ‘open season’ when it comes to dating that ex.

Sometimes, the “Ungettable” romantically don’t prove to be worth the extreme effort involved. I consider it, from readings, to be part of our emotional growth for the future.

Those meant to be a part of our lives – romantically  – come to us in their own way and time. We don’t have to exert ourselves to try to make them love us and want to be “the one” for us.

In my Personal Prophesy readings, I will perceive who is your true soul mate. The one most intended to enter your life. You don’t have to sacrifice your own beautiful self in a relationship that doesn’t have the potential to bring true love and lasting happiness to you.

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