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How confidential are Personal Prophesy readings?

Fotolia_39712524_XSOften those who are interested in arranging a reading have worries about the amount of confidentiality involved. 

Especially those who come to me for readings as the result of a referral from a friend or relative.

I’d like to think that my 30-year track record (17 of those years here online) as a successful professional speaks for itself in terms of confidentiality.   I simply do not divulge any information about a reading or ‘who’ requested a reading – ever.

What is shared with me in a reading request is always held in the strictest confidence.  What is shared in a reading in terms of my perception and insights, ditto.

Yes, there are times when I receive separate reading requests from both a wife and husband.  Girlfriend and boyfriend.  A brother and sister.  Two close co-workers.  I also receive reading requests from those who have achieved celebrity status and those who work in highly sensitive government positions.

Personal information each has shared with me in their reading requests and the readings I subsequently deliver to each of these individuals is kept 100 percent private.  My own computer files containing these reading requests and readings are also password protected.  I consider this high degree of confidentiality on my part to be downright mandatory.

Without that level of confidentiality, how could I ever expect anyone who comes to me for a reading to do so with complete faith and trust?

You can rely on that confidentiality when you arrange a reading with me.  From start to finish, everything you share with me and what we discuss in your reading remains 100 percent private, 100 percent of the time.