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How to Handle Someone Who Despises You

It happens.

Every now and then you meet someone who literally rubs you the wrong way. Or you are dating someone’s ex. Or you get the promotion he or she wanted. Or you marry into a family that just can’t seem to accept you.

Even when they don’t openly show it – you still feel that super negative vibe.

This is when Personal Prophesy readings will let you know the real deal. What’s actually behind that fake smile and those passive aggressive comments. Some words spoken that are just plain snarky toward you.

In readings, I’m able to perceive the true intentions of those who seemingly despise you. I’m able to ‘dig deep’ psychologically and emotionally to determine intuitively what causes them to act the way they do toward you.

Surprisingly, I often discover in readings that those who treat you as if they despise you aren’t actually feeling that way at all. Often, readings will reveal that they are dealing with hardships of their own in terms of acceptance toward others. Sometimes they wear a hard shell as a defensive measure because someone in the past hurt them deeply. Or they are being extremely non-supportive due to a close family member marrying outside of their race, culture or religion.

How do you react when you find yourself up against this kind of feeling you are despised?

Readings always urge that you meet this kind of opposition with nothing but sheer kindness. It’s too easy to meet them sword to sword. You’re far better off by not engaging and instead showing how kind and understanding you are.

If you received the promotion a co-worker wanted? You can say to him or her, “If I was given a voice, I would have voted for you.”

If you are dating an ex, you can tell him or her while meeting, “It would be nice if we could be friends.” In essence, punting and giving that ex the ball.

If you marry into a family that has issues with you for whatever reason, say, “I so want to become a part of your family. I hope you will allow me to be,” as benevolent as you can. How can they argue with that?

On the other hand, if you happen to meet someone who literally rubs you the wrong way?

Say, “It’s a shame you have to act this way. Real human beings don’t.”

Simply walk away and leave it at that.

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