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Insights About Life Gained from Personal Prophesy Readings

drawing of playing cards in a pileA recipient of my card readings recently asked me what I’ve learned over the years from the cards.

She was asking in reference to the many years I’ve spent conducting Personal Prophesy readings for others and also for myself.  That question was very easy to answer.  I’ve learned a lot!

For instance:

1) What we expect to happen and what the cards project will happen are often two entirely different things.

As an example, a relationship we’ve been in for quite some time is startlingly perceived in readings to be coming to an end. We don’t believe it, but as the cards project – it happens.  Or things are running smoothly but the cards suddenly warn of impending financial hardship and out of the blue, it happens.

Even something as simple as a well-planned get-together suddenly goes awry.  The cards will reveal a sudden change at the last minute.  You might think from your reading, “No way, it just isn’t possible.”  Yet, sure enough, the seemingly impossible happens just as it was perceived in the cards.

What I’ve learned:  By being prepared for the unexpected the better equipped we will be when the unexpected occurs.

2) Until a relationship has been tested by serious conflict or intense struggle we don’t know its true strength.

It’s “all good” in relationships that seemingly run like a smooth ribbon of silk, sure. But we don’t really know how solid the foundation of these beautiful relationships are until they’ve met serious hardship head on and still managed to find a way to survive and ultimately thrive in the process.

Relationships that run aground and yet somehow find a way to set sail again – these are the relationships of substance and meaning truly worth investing in. The cards will tell you plainly which relationships are – and aren’t – worthy of such emotional investment.

What I’ve learned:  A relationship that can’t overcome conflict or struggle isn’t going to last no matter how hard we wish or hope or try to make it so.

3) Everyone deserves forgiveness and the chance for redemption.

Even under the worst possible circumstances, it’s vital to our own spiritual growth to be able to find a way to extend forgiveness toward those who have done us wrong – as difficult as that may be at times.  It can take a huge amount of work on our part to reach such a point but once we do, we literally set ourselves free.

Hurt by someone you love? Betrayed by someone you trusted? Cheated on and lied to?  Let’s face it, no one is perfect in this world and as such, they’re bound to make mistakes in judgment often due to their own shunted growth and poor background or upbringing.  Sometimes they will make very serious, grievous mistakes. Whether or not “they” are sorry isn’t important.  It’s what we decide to do where forgiveness is concerned that matters most on the spiritual level.

What I’ve learned:  By being able to extend forgiveness we empower ourselves, putting the ball of moral responsibility in the guilty party’s court completely.

4) Real love never dies.

If we ever truly loved someone “before” and truly meant it, we still love them “after” the relationship has come to an end – even when the parting is bitter and hurtful. If not, it wasn’t real love at all.

That doesn’t mean we have to be with that person we professed to love, it simply means that we truly love him or her enough to want them to be happy without conditions attached. Love is simply that – love.  And it does truly last forever.

What I’ve learned:  Genuine love transcends all 100 percent of the time.

5) Leave the door open.  Always.

Relationships sometimes end badly. Friends inadvertently hurt us. Partners fall from grace by making stupid choices. Family members can cut us right to the quick.

The worst thing we can ever possibly do is turn away so completely that we slam shut that all-important door that just might need to be open one day to lead us toward a new beginning with those we’ve become estranged from in the past.

That means, don’t be vindictive. Don’t be the one responsible for the “death stroke” by violating previous trust lowering yourself to the level of pure vengeance. Hold yourself in check.  Show honor and grace.  After all, your life hasn’t been fully lived as yet. There are bends and twists in the path ahead that you aren’t aware of right now. In essence, the winning move is simply not to play by leaving that door…open.

And because you kept that door open, the future will bless you by bringing that hurtful individual back to you one day – someway, somehow – and a better man or woman will stand in that doorway again one day, yearning to make serious amends.

What I’ve learned:  We all deserve a second chance to make things right.

6) Let your dreams guide you all the way.

No matter what it is you dream of achieving in life, reach high and wide for it. If you have the drive, the ambition and passion to attain what you dream of, the cards will let you know that you can do whatever it is you aspire to accomplish.

It will all be right there in front of you in the cards, believe me.

As an example…years ago, I wanted very badly to be a newspaper columnist and even though I had no experience whatsoever, I became one.  I perceived it in the cards. I wrote that column for over 12 years and even earned some writing awards as a columnist. (Quite an accomplishment, considering that I had no background for the job!)

Later, I wanted to write a book about this method and I did.  Also perceived in the cards.  I wanted to be an online personality and recognized advisor using this method of card reading and almost as if by magic, AOL sought me out and designated me to be their online Psychic Love Doctor. Again, it was in the cards.  I was the first working for AOL in those days that needed an over-sized chat room for my online sessions because the audience was so large.

I wanted to share this method of perceiving the future using playing cards with the world and that became a reality also as perceived in the cards.

Of course, the path toward making these dreams become reality wasn’t easy, not by a long shot.  Still, every dream I had then was realized.

You can accomplish the same with your own dreams, ambitions and desires.  Allow the cards in Personal Prophesy readings to guide you and they will.  Put one foot in front of the other…work hard…believe that you can and you will!

My maternal grandmother who taught me the Personal Prophesy method of card reading always said, “To dream is to believe…once you believe, all things are possible!”

Now, see what you can make happen with your own life and it’s future, “Once you believe…”