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Psychic Awareness: Lindsay Lohan will find a new path in life – eventually

Lindsay Lohan in courtLindsay Lohan appeared in court today and finally faced some serious music at the hands of Judge Marsha Revel, ordered to spend 90 days in the slammer and 90 days of in-patient rehab for violating parole on a previous DUI case.

Too heavy a price to pay for violations dating back to 2007 when she was first put on probation?

Easy to be cynical here, isn’t it? Especially since she had Eff-U painted on her middle finger while in court.  Talk about attitude!

Most, according to polls taken thus far on various celeb websites, feel she should have been behind bars long before now.

Everybody knows Linds has been rumbling along a fierce collision course with this particular day in her life.  The cards indicate that it will not only be a huge maturing experience for this Hollywood actress who has been so spoiled and pampered by her parents and the glare of Hollywood notoriety ever since she was a snot-nosed kid.

It’s also going to be a major wake-up call for this sotted Party Tripper, enabling her to realize she needs to stop screwing around with her life and get her shizz on the right track once and for all.

But it won’t happen overnight.

Lindsay will feel sorry for herself for a good, long while.  She might even find her way back into the pokey another time or two before she’s ready to call it quits with her own stupidity.

But she’ll eventually get it right and when she does – look out.  This seemingly ‘has been’ actress with the not-so-hot looks and history of disregard for the law will launch a major come-back to prove she’s got the chops to overcome her dysfunctional background, her past as a well-publicized drug and alcohol abuser and even her sexual ambivalence as a hetero-turned-lesbian-turned-whatever.

The ‘new and improved’ Lindsay Lohan will knock our socks off.

Watch and see.