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How to Live a Magical Life


Yes, magic.

I’m not talking about magicians producing doves out of a hat. Or sawing a woman in half on stage.  I’m talking about the genuine, empowering magic that occurs when what you think can happen and what you so ferociously hope will happen becomes real  for you within the framework of your life.

That kind of magic.

I’m pretty much ‘old school.’  My card readings tend to be old school, too.

By that I mean, during the over 30-plus years that I’ve been conducting readings for others (which now are in the thousands), there’s a certain clarity, a profound meaningfulness – the true essence of Life – that comes through in readings. And it never grows old.

Love is love. Success is success. Happiness? The same. Revered. Timeless. Worthy of our own highest dreams coming true. Where we are living at the very top of our lives in a tremendously rewarding way.


It doesn’t matter whether it’s 2009 or the year 2019. It all translates perfectly into “who” we are and “where” we want to be in terms of the future as we travel our own paths – attempting to get where we want to go. In essence, if you can dream it, you can achieve it.

It’s literally old school, from start to finish. And it is magic.

I’m thinking it’s not part of the Human Condition.

Wikipedia defines it, “The human condition is “the characteristics, key events, and situations which compose the essentials of human existence, such as birth, growth, emotional, aspiration, conflict, and mortality.”

Sounds like a bunch of ‘blah blah’ to me.

I believe we have a far greater power within ourselves.  Where we can literally make our own reality happen as long as we believe that we can. It isn’t about our own previously painful experiences in our lives. It isn’t about how we struggled and came up ‘the hard way’ in terms of our childhoods. It isn’t about how we now experience such a shabby, empty existence that we doubt we’ll ever become who we truly want to be.

That tremendous power is focused entirely on what we believe *now* and the faith we have in terms of the future that will take us where we want to be.

Let’s face it. For most of us, our lives in the past have tended to be, well, nothing short of miserable. We took our lumps, we walked a rough and rocky road, we managed to survive the nearly unsurvivable.

I admit, I’ve been there. Bad marriages, abuse, infidelity – you name it.  I was able to overcome it all.

Here’s the thing to remember:  If you believe in magic, your life will become magical. I say this because mine has – yours will, too!

You can start by:

Allowing yourself to dream your most extravagant dreams.

Don’t give a thought or care to the restrictions in your life at present. Push through those restrictions and focus on dreaming your own most precious dreams. What you are actually doing is putting forth strong positive energy, manifesting and calling on the Universe to conspire with you to enable those dreams to come true. Watch and see what happens! Doors you never thought were possible can open magically as a result of that dreaming!

Visualize yourself living a more abundant life.

This is where Hope – the most vital energy in the world next to Love – lifts us up and enables us to see that a better life is coming to us. As long as you have hope, genuine hope in your heart, mind and spirit, you are turning yourself toward a new abundant future. There will be magic coming to you where you find yourself suddenly exclaiming, “Oh my God, it’s magical!” by that new job, a more secure future financially, an amazing soul mate who unexpectedly enters your life. It happens. Believe that it will.

Let go of the past and make the future your only focus.

So often we find ourselves emotional prisoners of the past. We tend to forget that the past is literally dead and gone. Whether it’s a broken relationship, a job that ended, difficulties with family members or friends – it’s time to bring true resolve within ourselves where we put a period at the end of these sentences in our pasts so we can move on to a beautiful new future for ourselves. We owe it to ourselves to take that  step.

You are strong, resilient and ready to face a new future! If I can do it…you can, too!

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