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Love is a strength. Never a weakness.

So often, what happens. A relationship becomes fractured and you inevitably find yourself alone.

Oh, how you loved that man or woman. Oh, how you believed that relationship was meant to last Forever. But it didn’t. As much as you tried to keep that man or woman lovingly connected and committed to you, the relationship ultimately shattered and came to an end.

One of the two of you walks away, completely heartbroken.

Here’s what I so often perceive in Personal Prophesy readings. The one who brought that relationship to an end was either in an emotional tailspin, unable to come to grips with how he or she truly felt and simply ran. Or “someone else” entered the mix and drew that partner to want to stray.

It’s important to remember that love – real love – is pure strength and never a weakness. You’ve enabled yourself to truly love, regardless of the outcome of that relationship. To be able to genuinely love another shows that strength in you.

Even when it hurts so badly that you can barely stand yourself.

You know what? I’ve found that 90% of the time that lost partner will return and want to reconnect with you. He or she has realized through the loss of you how much they genuinely love you.

The thing is, you’ve likely outgrown your emotional attachment to that man or woman as a result of that loss and the grief you’ve suffered.

Yes, love is a strength. But once you’ve outgrown the relationship that made love seem like a weakness,chances are you will have already moved on.