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The love of your life OR…an online scammer?

brunette woman with pensive facial expressionIt happens.

Someone contacts you on Facebook, on a dating website or seemingly from outer space. They somehow find you online.

They are handsome/beautiful. Incredibly charming and adorable. A flurry of texts and emails develop between you. He/she lavishes you with compliments, praise, video chat sessions – nearly constant attention.  Photos. Romantic You Tube songs are sent to you. Maybe even some video chat sessions. It feels like a dream come true.

Days go by, maybe even many months pass, filled with nothing but intensely emotional and intimate sharing. You are told how much you are loved. How much you are The One. How desirable you are for a life shared together in the future. It goes on and on where both of you are mesmerized by this magnificent relationship that seems so destined. So real. So worth investing in it that much more. Talk of “where should we live?” or “when should we get married?” or “I honestly can’t imagine living without you” becomes the Topic of the Day. And you revel in it.

Then, somewhere in all of this blissfulness a monkey wrench is thrown into the plans the two of you are so meticulously making together. He or she confesses to you that they are in a difficult financial situation. An emergency. Trying to leave where they are in another country to be able to come to you with whole heart and soul.  They desperately need some money. Their funds for travel are tied up in a bank they can’t access. Or they are stuck in a country that won’t let them leave due to unpaid taxes. Or they have to pay for some broken machinery on the job. Blah blah blah

What happens? So in love as you are, you crumble and send a wire transfer. Sometimes more than just one wire transfer. You want that man or woman home with you. They profess so sincerely that they are determined to come to you because they simply love you that much. After? They have an amazing exit strategy where they start an argument with you, promising to pay you back. Or they simply go poof! And you are stuck with a serious loss financially that you have no choice but to cover on your own.

We’re talking about a multi-billion dollar industry in terms on online scammers. It’s huge and many of them are in collusion together.

Is it real or are you being scammed?

  • Check that man or woman out in a Google search using his/her name and phone number if you are texting each other.
  • On Facebook, scrutinize the profile. If it’s too short, no friends, no profile info – walk away. This is a scammer.
  • If they profess love to you too soon. Yup, a scammer.
  • If they ask you for money before you’ve even met in person? DON’T

IF you have been scammed, please report that scammer to a number of federal agencies. They will put him/her in their data base.

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