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You made a terrible mistake. You cheated. What Now?

woman looking frightened


This is a huge issue with so many of those who come to me for readings.

Especially women.

Women needing someone to confide in, to confess to. Even cry to. They’re desperate for comfort and struggle for a way to cope – somehow – with their guilt after cheating. So often that tends to be me that they come to and for good reason.

I help them find their way out of the quagmire they find themselves in.

Right off the top in their readings, I never fail to perceive that these women need to decide, first and foremost, where their hearts truly lie. Is it with the one they are committed to?  Or are they so unhappy and lacking fulfillment in their relationships or marriages that they need to explore a relationship with someone else? So often, the reason they slide into affairs is simply not feeling loved enough.

It happens.

Truthfully? My perception in readings is that these women have emotionally outgrown their attachment to the men in their lives or feel so neglected as partners that they subconsciously find themselves looking elsewhere. They see someone. A spark ignites. They ultimately can’t help themselves. Cheating suddenly happens.

My advice is, if you have cheated but want sincerely to make your marriage or your relationship work in the aftermath, don’t tell your partner. There’s nothing positive to be gained by confessing your infidelity. Why hurt that partner needlessly? They don’t deserve it.

On the other hand, if you feel  you’ve cheated because you need something more for yourself emotionally, let that partner go. He deserves to be loved for all the right reasons.

Move on smartly toward your own happiness and fulfillment.

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