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Making Our Own Miracles Happen

A man on a ladder peeling back the skyAccording to Albert Einstein, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

I couldn’t agree more.

After three decades of reading playing cards as the focal point for intuitive perception, I’m convinced that more miracles are actually man-made than those which come to us through divine intervention from the Higher Power.

I’m referring to those everyday miracles which, in the face of personal disaster, turn our lives completely around. Miracles which seem to occur as if by magic when our lives are literally at their worst. For instance, when an unexpected layoff from a secure, good-paying job means spending weeks – possibly months – frantically pounding the pavement for work.

A partner out-of-the-blue announces he or she wants out of the relationship and abruptly leaves. A son gets arrested. A daughter loses custody of her children. A committed partner unexpectedly dies. Becoming ostracized from a closely-knit family when severe conflict suddenly erupts. Feeling so lost and confused, so anguished and overwhelmed by our own emotions, we can’t imagine ever experiencing true happiness again.

In other words, those moments we find ourselves engulfed in which grow so exceedingly dark that utter despair and sheer hopelessness threatens to overtake our lives completely.  Something, in that Moment surely has to give.  That “something” – as I’ve perceived it from Personal Prophesy readings – is our own deeply-rooted drive and determination to survive.

As a result of the countless readings I’ve conducted for myself and those the world over, I’ve learned from my own intuitive standpoint that the essence of true survival – in its purest form – takes shape, not through the desperation we feel, but rather the comfort we ultimately seek.

Comfort which encompasses the heart, the mind, the body and spirit. Comfort achieved through our own conscious efforts to set our lives on a new, far more positive course to the future.

A new course which is accomplished only by accepting the emotional limitations we’re confronted with, allowing ourselves to succumb to our own inherent weaknesses as human beings. Yes, even when we find ourselves helplessly caught up in an excruciatingly painful Moment we have no choice but to suffer in the present.

To alleviate that suffering, we can seek comfort. From it, a new beginning is destined to take shape.

In order set yourself on that new course, striving to “make your own miracles happen”, it’s important to:

1)  Put forth a concerted effort to journey back to the “Beginning” where your life is concerned.

Remember that calm, quiet neighborhood you once lived in? That pleasant little job you loved in days gone by, long before you started that stressful climb up the ladder of success?

Of course, you do.  These are, after all, the stuff some of our most cherished memories are made of.

When obstacles you face seem insurmountable, purposefully thrust yourself back to those places and times when you were happy, when your life possessed the qualities of true comfort.  In other words, “Go back to the beginning.”

Live for a year in that neighborhood your heart so lovingly cherishes. Return to the occupational field which nurtured your career goals so long ago. By doing so, you intuitively take a step toward making your own miracle happen through restoration and rejuvenation. A new Beginning for the future will ultimately be forged.

2) Rid yourself of the “clutter” in your life.

Purposefully make a clean sweep of every non-essential aspect to it.  In three words, simplify, simplify, simplify.  Simplicity is, after all, the true definition of happiness in life, if you really think about it!

Therefore, compel yourself to divide your belongings in half, donating that non-essential 50 percent to charity. Mercilessly toss half of everything consuming your at-home desk space into the trash.

While you’re at it, slice your social calendar in half, so you are only attending those functions which genuinely hold significant meaning for you. Do the same with your acquaintances.

In essence, whittle your everyday existence down to the barest minimum in terms of the clutter it currently holds. By ridding ourselves of such unnecessary chaos and confusion in our lives, we enable ourselves to achieve a personal miracle – the miracle of being less distracted and more in tune with our deeper, more meaningful selves.

3)  Sheer uncertainty brings its own opportunity for life-altering change.

When I perceive intense uncertainty overwhelming a client’s life, it’s a serious red flag to me that he or she has made a number of choices in the past which have caused aspects in terms of their lives and the future to become extremely unstable and nebulous.

I urge such reading recipients to interpret these periods in readings to mean that they have entered a time when they have the opportunity to evaluate the place where they currently stand in reference to their lives.  “Taking a breath,” so to speak, before plunging forward toward what will ultimately become a newly-defined path to the future.

My perception is that such recipients are in the process of being made ‘ready’ to make their own miracles happen by consciously separating the wheat from the chaff, analyzing in the interim what they need as opposed to what they want as a result this nebulous time in their lives, ultimately shifting their paths in the direction of a far happier, more fulfilled future.

4)  Questioning the purpose of our own existence.

During deeply troubling times, this questioning is an integral part of the process of Becoming who we need to be as we travel our own life paths to the future.

These periods take shape in our lives to give us the opportunity to better understand ourselves – our needs, goals and desires – on many personal levels.  The sort of deep understanding we are able to achieve about ourselves during these difficult periods, intuitively speaking, can only lead to a heightened emotional and spiritual awakening which will make the future we embrace that much more fulfilling and complete in the end.

As Personal Prophesy – a philosophy detailed in my recently-published book, “The Message: Your Secrets in the Cards” has taught me over the years, we are constantly “in the making” – psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. The course we travel in our lives brings us to the moment in time we stand in – the present – for a very specific purpose: To lead us toward greater wisdom and faith as we work through hardships and achieve our own sense of comfort for survival. In the process, enabling us to become empowered enough to embrace a far more fulfilling and complete existence.

It’s through such personal empowerment that we are literally able to make our own miracles happen!