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Mel Gibson ponders, can you say evil bee-otch?

Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva on red carpetPoor Mel.

The deck, thus far, appears to be seriously stacked against him on the spousal abuse allegations from Oksana, the mother of his infant daughter.

Or maybe not.

TMZ is currently reporting:

“We’re told Sheriff’s investigators are concerned that Oksana had contact with civil lawyers and judges while she negotiated a visitation agreement with Mel over a 6-month period but never once contacted police.  Oksana was represented by attorney Eric George, the son of California Supreme Court Justice Ronald George, to handle the visitation case.

She went through 2 full days of mediation in May, conducted by two former judges, one of whom was a former federal prosecutor and negotiated a visitation agreement.

We’ve learned the agreement — signed by both Oksana and Mel — gave Mel full visitation rights and future joint legal custody of their daughter.

Last month, Oksana refused to give Mel his visitation rights and it was then that she made allegations of abuse for the first time.”

Might there be more to this story, ya think?

Oh, yeah.

Oksana’s working the abuse angle hard because – no big surprise – there’s another man waiting in the wings.  She’s trying to deflect the fact that she’s the ‘bad guy’ in the break up by doing everything she can to make Mel look bad and put him behind the 8 ball.  Her goal is to exit this relationship under the guise of “abuse” so she can make a nice, clean getaway.  Their baby’s welfare is literally meaningless to her in her own selfishly-driven pursuit to be free.

I’m not picking up in the cards on a single shred of maternal concern or love on her part for the daughter they conceived together.  This baby is simply a pawn in her eyes – leverage – to wield for her own ultimate gain.  This split is all about her desire to defame Mel publicly so that she can walk away unscathed and ultimately fall into the arms of the new man in her life.

Mark my words:  Once this battle is over and the dust settles, we’re going to see Oksana busy strutting her stuff with this new man she’s sure to love rape in the very same fashion, emotionally and otherwise.

Hopefully, she won’t bring another child senselessly into the world in that relationship – although, tragically, I do see the potential for the birth of a son for her in the near future.  Yes, it will be the same story all over again.

She is what she is.

All I can say is, God help the men she victimizes and the  innocent creatures that crawl out of her.