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My Top Five List: Universal psychic insights gained from Personal Prophesy readings

Woman embracing the light of the universeI was asked recently by a reading client who is now learning Personal Prophesy card reading from me how many universal insights I’ve gained from the cards over the years.

It was an extremely easy question to answer:  Tons of them!  This  method of card reading is such a deep, rich well of insight to constantly draw from about life, relationships, ourselves, the world – you name it – that even trying to list them all is a huge challenge.

But if I had to pare them down to a short list of five universal insights that seem the most constant in terms of our daily lives, it would be these:

What we expect to happen and what the cards project will happen are often two entirely different things.

A relationship we’ve been in for quite some time is startlingly perceived to come to an end.  We don’t believe it in that instant, but the cards project it – and it happens.

Things are running smoothly, but the cards suddenly warn of impending financial difficulty and out of the blue,  it happens.

Even something as simple as a well-planned get-together can go awry.  The cards will reveal a sudden change of plans at the last minute.

You may think about such perceptions, “No way, it isn’t possible!” But sure enough, the seemingly impossible happens – just as the cards predicted.

We always have to remember:   Change plays a significant role in our own daily lives and the essence of our own human existence.   Being able to conduct readings and having that precious gift of pre-knowledge when it comes to Change enables us to adjust and adapt, realizing that Change ultimately makes it possible for us to grow.

Everyone deserves forgiveness and the chance for redemption.

Even under the worst circumstances, it’s vital to our own spiritual growth to be able to find a way to extend forgiveness – as difficult as that may be at times.  It can take a huge amount of work on our parts to reach such a point but once we do, we literally set ourselves free.

Personal Prophesy readings are excellent at revealing when someone in our lives is truly sorry, when an apology made is genuine and sincere.  And alternately, those who are only trying to manipulate us into thinking they are sorry and deserving of a second chance.

Real love never dies. Never.

Personal Prophesy readings are mighty clear on this point, that if we’ve loved someone before the breakupand truly meant it, we still love them after that relationship has come to an end – even when the parting is bitter and hurtful.

Or, bottom line, it wasn’t real love at all.  That doesn’t mean we have to be with that person we profess to love; it simply means that we truly love him or her enough to want them to be happy without conditions attached.  Love is simply love.  And it does indeed last forever.

Try to leave the “door” open.

Relationships sometimes end badly.  Friends inadvertently betray us.   Partners fall from grace by making stupid choices. Family members can accidentally cut us right to the quick.

The worst thing we can ever possibly do is turn away so completely that we slam shut an all-important “door” that just might need to be open to lead us toward a new beginning with those we’ve become estranged from in the past.

That means don’t be vindictive.  Don’t be the one responsible for the “death stroke” by violating previous trust by lowering yourself to the level of vengeance.  Hold yourself in check.  Show honor and grace.  The winning move is simply not to play.

Because you choose to keep that ‘door’ open, the future will equally bless you by bringing hurtful individuals back to you – someway, somehow – one day yet to come in the future,  whole-heartedly yearning to make serious amends for past transgressions.  (A proven fact over the years!)

Let your dreams guide you all the way.

No matter what it is you dream of achieving in life, reach high and wide for it.  If you have the drive, the ambition and passion to attain what you dream, the cards will let you know that you can do whatever it is you aspire to accomplish.

Years ago, I wanted to be a newspaper columnist and I became one.  I wanted to write a book about this method and I did. I wanted to be an online personality and AOL made me one as the Psychic Love Doctor. I wanted to share this method of perceiving the future using playing cards with the world and I have.

The path to making these dreams become reality wasn’t easy, not by a long shot – I worked my backside off into the wee hours nightly for a number of years – but it happened. You can accomplish the same with your own ambitions and desires.  All you have to do is let your dreams guide you.  Put one foot in front of the other.  Work hard.  And above all, believe that you can and you will!

My maternal grandmother, who taught me this method, always said: “To dream is to believe…once you believe, all things are possible.”

She was right! Now, let’s see what you can accomplish within the framework of your own life and future, “Once you believe..”