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My Top Five List: Why I personally dislike the psychic profession

Personal Prophesy Light and InsightAfter being immersed in the psychic and metaphysical world as long as I have, I have to admit that I don’t agree with quite a bit of the profiteering others in this profession use to manipulate the public.

Whether they’re using Tarot cards, crystal balls, teaching meditation, channeling, reiki, aura viewing, metaphysics in general to achieve their particular level of success, I take serious exception to a great deal in terms of their practices.

Here is my top five list of dislikes:

1)  Money-sucking psychic websites

If you’ve ventured online to seek psychic guidance, you’ve no doubt found it’s generally expensive.  Too expensive, if you ask me, considering that you’re dealing with a stranger who may or may not have quality credentials and/or professional integrity.

For instance,  hiring a psychic on can run up to $6.50 a minute and more.  That’s outrageous when that individual has no tangible background to rely on.  Or on, readings are just as ridiculously priced, from $2.99 a minute to $9.99 a minute.

And there are many more out there just as exorbitantly priced and lacking in what I would call sincere insight and integrity by giving their clients a decent, accurate reading without raping them financially in the process.

Forget about engaging “by the minute” psychic advice – all these so-called “professionals” are doing is trying to lighten  your wallet or gouge your credit card.  You’ll be far better off seeking out those psychic websites where there’s a flat fee involved for your reading.  Google them and you’ll find many.

My own website,, is one of them.

2)  Money-sucking psychics

I don’t care how “gifted” they advertise themselves to be,  no psychic deserves to be paid an exorbitant amount of money for a simple reading.  It doesn’t matter how well-publicized and slickly marketed they may be.

Big deal on any paltry discounts offered – it’s still way too doggone much money for a reading!

Stick within the $25 – $50 range for a detailed psychic reading.  You’re in a far better position to receive a quality reading from a professional psychic with heart and character.  And when psychics you are buying from offer a money-back guarantee of satisfaction as so many do now, more power to you.

3)  Psychics who prey on your curiosity – and your pocketbook – to “learn more” about your future.

Oh, they’re out there  – those who cleverly dangle the bait in the guise of a free psychic reading, only to leave you hanging right at that point where they will eagerly “tell you more” once you go cha-ching and put those lovely big bucks into their bank accounts.

It’s a clever sales hook, people.  There is absolutely nothing ‘free’  or meaningful about those readings.  A large majority of these shysters are using their own stock files over and over again.  You just don’t know it.

Or how about those “free reading” psychics displayed on websites that lure you in.  It all looks great – and free – until you read the fine print:  Three minutes are free,  yes – then you’re in that trap of paying $1.99 a minute thereafter.

As if they’re going to tell you anything important in those three free minutes…not!  You’re better off hiring a psychic straight-up, one advertising a reasonable flat fee.  A pledge of “satisfaction guaranteed” only seals the deal.

Again that’s me.

4)  Scammers who disguise themselves as psychics

As soon as you hear the words, “I’m seeing a great curse on your life that I can release you from if you bring me X number of dollars, your jewelry, the heirloom silver you got from Grandma” or anything else of value” – run!

Curses of any kind and sort don’t require money or other valuables to be handed over in order to rid yourself of them because, bottom line, these curse “fighters” are merely attempting to milk you of what you have financially and materially.

You’re dealing with a con artist in these cases, pure and simple.   If you have negative energy perceived by a reputable psychic, he or she will guide you spiritually through meditation and other means to resolve it, without it costing you an arm or a leg (or Grandma’s heirloom silver) in the process.

5)  Metaphysical instructors who teach their subjects way over your head.

To me, the first sign that you haven’t engaged the right training instructor is when you find you can’t grasp a single thing they’re teaching because the language and theory is so far beyond your level of comprehension.

If you don’t understand what you’re being taught, start complaining.  If that doesn’t work, stop paying for the instruction.  Paying with a credit card is helpful in the sense that you can charge back on these fees should you need to. If you’re using PayPal, the great folks behind this website will conduct an investigation on your behalf for a refund.

If you’ve paid with your bank debit card,  you don’t have much recourse but to insist that your instructor bring the course down to your level.  If that fails, threaten to make derogatory posts on such websites as or as a “buyer beware” message to others.

These posts will show up in search engine results, believe me.  Those running reputable businesses will want to make you happy as a customer.  They want to provide a quality-driven service.  They wouldn’t ever want to risk contributing to their own negative reputation by having their services blasted on such complaint websites.  These posts can – and do – literally last forever.

My advice?

Any time you feel interested in enrolling in a metaphysical course of study, do some thorough research first.  Conduct extensive Google searches to access reviews of the school and/or instructor(s) involved.  Ask others for personal recommendations.  From your own research, you”ll be able to determine if this is the right choice for you.

Personally, I seriously dislike this profession for the reasons given above.

I am far more committed to giving readings for a much more reasonable price. As in, $25 for a half hour video chat/phone reading for those who arrange them from my website ( The others seem to want to make the most out of one contact by charging exorbitantly.

Myself,  I would rather have a reading recipient return again and again to help guide them into the future.