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When You Can’t Get Over Your Past

Woman's face up closeSo many of us have lived disastrous lives in the past, striving our hardest to overcome the pain we suffered so long ago. 

We had horrible childhoods. We suffered abuse – physically, emotionally – possibly even sexually. We were neglected. Tossed aside as young children while our parents were either alcoholics or drug abusers. Or just plain too busy with their own professional and social lives to give us more than a momentary glance as we grew up.

Now as adults we’re trying our best to live healthy, normal lives – finding success professionally, marrying and raising children.

The problem is, we still drag that baggage from the past with us. A huge amount of baggage. So much baggage that we’ve often found ourselves in unhealthy relationships. Married once, twice – or more. All relationships and marriages destined to fail. As hard as we have tried, that baggage is there – destroying our chances for happiness.

We want to live a good, meaningful, fruitful life. We yearn for it and strive for it. Still that past never fails to come back like an albatross around our necks.  It’s a burden, practically a curse.  How the hell can we get rid of the past that keeps destroying our lives?

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