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How to be YOU when others kick you to the curb

In all the years that I’ve been  conducting readings for my clients, a large percentage have been enduring this kind of painful situation with both family and friends.

They get dissed. Shunned. Treated as if they are nobodies who never mattered in the lives of those who professed to love them with limitless loyalty, earnest respect.

So often these family members and friends were given money, gifts, an excessive amount of time and energy to faithfully help them regardless of the situation from you.

What happens? You know what happens. Those who were so giving, so attentive and loyal, end up with nothing in return as a result.

In my readings, those who are coping with such a relative or friend need to realize that for having been so selflessly giving, they are going to be blessed with abundance once they allow themselves to let go of the anger and that deep feeling of loss.

Try to look at that relative or friend as an incredibly pitiful person who has no clue how to give back to you when you were so selfless in your giving toward them.

Then watch and see. Oh yes, Karma will do it’s best work to spank that relative or friend *hard* teaching a strong, meaningful lesson. Yes, as a result of how you did so much and received so little in return.

All it takes is time.

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