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Paris Hilton: Poor little rich girl or spoiled brat?

Paris Hilton mug shotYou may love her, you may hate her,  but let’s face it:  Paris Hilton is the quintessential dumb blond sporting a bank account that would not only choke a horse but put it right into its grave -twice.

The question is, can Paris dumb-fluck her way out of her latest arrest for a felony drug charge?

She claims the purse the bindle of cocaine that tumbled out of it in Las Vegas wasn’t hers.   That the cocaine wasn’t hers.  Then she said the purse was hers but it had been in a friend’s possession.

Blah, blah, blah.

Now she says about the container of cocaine?  Oh, that. Yeah, uh, well, she thought it was gum.  And sincerely expects everybody to accept that lame excuse as fact. quoted Paris as Tweeting a couple of days ago, ” “These rumors going around are so ridiculous, untrue and cruel,”  a few hours before a representative for the Wynn and Encore resorts confirmed Hilton isn’t welcome at Steve Wynn properties any longer.

So what do the cards perceive about Paris and where she is in her life at this point?

Perception-wise, she’s going to survive this latest legal debacle in her life pretty much smelling like a rose.  Thank God for money, power and social position.   According to her cards, the Hilton family has enough legal muscle in its back pocket and social influence in where it counts that she’ll essentially walk away from this “tiny glitch” in her fluffy party life practically unscathed.

Oh, there will be a little slap on the wrist involved.  She’ll give the media her best ‘pouty face’ to keep her beige plaster-cast image and superficial fan base intact.  The bottom line is that Paris is characterized in her cards as a poor little rich girl who clearly doesn’t have a devious, bitchy bone in her body.

Sorry, people…no deviousness to her nature is perceived in her cards.  No spoiled bitchiness.  She is basically a frilly, silly, frivolous rich girl who will be able to snatch an equally frivolous sentence, if you can even call it that – certainly not nearly enough to qualify as punishment  for the crime.

The cards portray Paris as the real-life Meg Ryan character, Angelica Graynamore, from the movie “Joe Versus the Volcano” who admits to Joe,  “I am completely untrustworthy… I’m a flibbertigibbet.”

Such is Paris – completely untrustworthy – a flibbertigibbet idiot – but not by clever design.  Such a feat would actually require some intelligence!   Paris, in contrast, is characterized as a true-to-life flibbertigibbet and probably shouldn’t even be trusted to dress herself in the morning without assistance.

Um, yeah…that’s how mentally vacant she is.

But she looks good.