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Personal Prophesy, churchgoers and how my dad lived his own religion

Religious words in a written configurationPersonal Prophesy is a tremendously spiritual method capable of connecting us to the Higher Power and to our own higher selves in the practice of it. 

Because Personal Prophesy involves intuitive card reading, it is often criticized by the religious mainstream.

I offer the following in rebuttal to these intolerant assertions and how my own father’s beliefs coincided with Personal Prophesy philosophy that “church is where you make it.”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  Church is only meant for the ‘lovely’ who live among us.

You know who I’m referring to.

Those who sit nicely upright in their pews, dressed appropriately for church, focused on piousness while sitting in church for the service.  Good, God-fearing people who sing when they should, chant in unison when they should, genuflecting and making the sign of the cross when they should.

They are among the ‘lovely’ who attend church on a regular basis.

These fine, upstanding, church-going folks commit themselves to charity fund drives and bake sales, collecting clothing and food for the needy, circling the figurative ‘church wagons’ whenever someone within the congregation is suddenly engulfed in a personal crisis.

They are good, faithful church members who never fail to rise up to help the less fortunate.  It’s a convenient, easy way to gratify themselves spiritually:  “We contributed. We helped. We’re good to go.”

How admirable and lovely they are in what they do.

They represent themselves as good, solid, reverent church people who go to church every Sunday and shout, “Amen!” in all the right places.  Good, solid, reverent church people who cough up a few bucks for a ministry attending to the destitute in Africa, Antarctica, Wherever.

After all, they contributed.  They helped.  They’re good to go.  God is looking down and smiling.

My question is:

What about the throngs of incredibly ‘unlovely’ people who are out there living their tortured lives in our faces?  Pimps and streetwalkers?  Crack whores and other junkies?  Juvenile delinquents?  Men and women who are so spiritually bankrupt they can’t remember the last time they even saw the inside of a church?

I can hear the church-goers, can’t you?

“OMG, we don’t want them in ‘our’ church.  They’re dirty, addiction-ridden, hard sells on the whole ‘God’ thing.  Why would we want to try to gather them up and expend the effort, when they will only slide back into their previous slimy lives of crime and sin? We have too many ‘good’ people out there to help with money and stuff.  You know, the destitute in Africa, Antarctica, Wherever.”

And then there is someone like my dad.

My father would quietly say over the years before his death, “Church is where you make it happen and what you do with it on a daily basis.”

He wasn’t religiously inclined, not by a long shot.  But he genuinely worshipped God in his own way. For instance, through nature.  He treated the cows, buffalo and other animals on his land as if they were members of his own family.  He gave freely when he could to others and he stood up courageously for those who weren’t in a position to defend themselves.

He was genuine, honest and reverent about life – all the way.

Go to church?  Never once in all the years I knew him as my father unless a funeral or wedding was involved.  Instead, he lived his faith on a daily basis.

He lived it.

How many of us can say we do the same with our lives? I’d wager not many of us.  But he did.  His kind of ‘religion’ was a quiet, daily event.

As I said, church is only meant for the ‘lovely’ who live among us.

How sad and shallow that is when you think about it.

Personal Prophesy brings those who have strayed from a relationship with God back to it.

I wish I could tell you how many I’ve taught this method of intuitively reading ordinary playing cards to over the years who professed to be atheists and came back to tell me, “The cards have amazingly reconnected me to God.”

Or those who’ve said, “Through the cards, I was able to get my faith back in the Higher Power.”

Or others who said, “I lost the presence of God in my daily life.  Now, He’s not only ‘there’ but He even speaks to me!”

And imagine, all it took was a deck of playing cards and learning this spiritually-inspired method called Personal Prophesy.