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Deborah’s Comprehensive Combination Reading

Deborah’s Comprehensive Combination Reading


Product Description

This comprehensive email reading is designed for those times when you need clear intuitive insight about the life you are living, offering meaningful insight into the path you are currently taking toward the future while providing a good, thorough intuitive look into the hearts and minds of those who mean the most to you as they impact your life.

Your Comprehensive Combo Reading will alert you to potential changes you need to make to help you achieve your most cherished dreams and aspirations. The best direction for you to take with your love life. How to successfully navigate away from a mere job that gets the bills paid to be able to embrace a career path that guides you to toward genuine fulfillment far into the future. How to create and manifest a happy, beautiful life for yourself through meaningful intuitive insight.

Any worries, concerns or emotional issues that are on your mind in general, this reading will tackle for you in three distinct parts:

First, a personal reading that encompasses where you are at present in all areas of your life and your potential for the future in general based on five questions you provide for this initial portion of your reading.

Second, an intensive partner personality profile providing insight into the individual you care very deeply for. This may be a current partner, a past partner or someone in your life you struggle to share a close, intimate relationship with based on five questions you ask for this portion of your reading.

Third, an expansive intuitive projection about your future where all aspects of your life are concerned based on five questions you provide for this portion of your reading.

In essence, you are receiving three readings in one single, lengthy reading focused on where you are at present, the obstacles and challenges you face and how to overcome them and where you are intuitively projected to be in the future.

Please provide details (sex, hair/eye color, marital status and your questions/concerns) on the CHECKOUT screen before paying.

(Readings are always held in the strictest confidence.)