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Personal Prophesy Card Reading Course


Personal Prophesy Card Reading Course

$650.00 $450.00

Product Description

I am the only living subject matter expert of the Personal Prophesy card reading method. It’s an astounding, incredibly accurate method that involves perceiving the future AND effectively changing that future while living in the present. My goal is to teach this method to as many who yearn to be “your own psychic” yes – but also so that you can give insightful readings to others.

The first level of my course is completely free of charge. I teach it in person at the Healing Fountain in Virginia Beach, Virginia – and also personally via email over the Internet.

You will learn how to give accurate readings to others using the Personal Prophesy method – IF you commit yourself to consistent practice sessions and allow your own intuitive perception to develop and grow to help guide you every step of the way. There isn’t a single person I’ve tried to teach this method to who hasn’t excelled at it, as long as he or she was dedicated to the learning process.

Can you master this method? Of course you can!  It’s simply a matter of wanting to and you will!

Should you decide to undertake the rest of the Personal Prophesy course – Level Two and Three, plus advancing to the professional level where I will credential you (as the only living subject matter expert of this method), there is a $450 fee involved with monthly payments available.

If you decide you want to make a meaningful commitment to become a professional practitioner from the start of my Personal Prophesy course, you’ll receive a $100 discount. The remainder of the course and credentialing as professional practitioner is included.

If you’ve ever wanted to be able to navigate your own life toward true love, happiness and success – Personal Prophesy will help you achieve all three.  If you’ve wanted to be a meaningful guiding force in the lives of others, Personal Prophesy will make it happen for you.

Are you ready to learn how to accurately perceive the future for yourself and others? 

Contact me via and let’s get started on helping you achieve the future – the love, the happiness, the success you so richly deserve!