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Personal Prophesy Indepth Reading

Personal Prophesy Indepth Reading


This reading is specially designed for those who want to “go deep” – desiring more than having a few questions or concerns addressed intuitively due to its length and intuitive magnitude.

A Personal Prophesy Indepth reading contains strong, solid, on-the-money advice about where you are in your life and where you are perceived to be going.

Current romantic life, family issues, career, personal and professional goals, future happiness, marriage, you name it – this reading can capably address it all.

Submit up to ten questions or concerns for this reading.

A portion of your reading can also include a Partner Personality Profile – where the cards of that “certain someone” in your life are read in relation to your own, simply by including it in your reading request.

Please provide details (sex, hair/eye color, marital status and your questions/concerns) below:

(Readings are always held in the strictest confidence.)