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Psychic Awareness: Why do I ‘need’ him but he doesn’t seem to feel the same?

heart held in hands

Need, in terms of Personal Prophesy philosophy which I use exclusively in giving playing card readings, is an extremely powerful force.

Need encompasses the deepest, most intense yearning of the heart to feel that sense of completeness which only one partner – the right partner – can provide.

Women are intuitively perceived to express “need” much more easily than men do, mainly because women tend to live their lives far more in touch with their own true feelings.

Men, on the other hand, tend to be more withdrawn in terms of expressing “need” simply because they put so much effort into denying for themselves what they consider to be emotional weakness.  At least in the external sense.  When I conduct card readings focused on a particular man, it’s readily perceivable the depth of the need he feels.

Need is interpreted quite a large part of the time in readings for men as weakness in terms of their own perception.  Men, after all, aren’t designed to accept feelings of weakness in terms of themselves.  They are, by nature, hunters and protectors.  They are raised to be strong and courageous. Even their own mothers have told them, “Boys don’t cry,” which in essence tells them from a very early age that males do not “feel”, they instead “react” by being fearless, strong, unaffected by emotion.  Which is why so many men portray themselves as needless in their relationships.

A totally wrong concept when it comes to the human heart and Personal Prophesy card readings

After years of conducting psychic/intuitive readings for men from around the world, I can tell you that they are extremely deep feeling, they do suffer incredibly intense emotions, they have a strong tendency to be highly sensitive beings, but – and this is an awfully huge “BUT” – they are so adept at stuffing these emotions and their own relentless feelings of neediness behind a careless facade enabling them  to project themselves as cool, aloof,  unaffected.

This is one of the reasons why I urge women engaged in difficult, unsatisfying relationships to decisively choose to remove themselves from these relationships and simply walk away even when they don’t want to take such a step.  Not because there is no love on the part of the men they are involved with, clearly there is love in the hearts of these men as perceived in the cards.

The step these women decide to take “out” of these relationships holds tremendous potential to lead these men toward genuine feelings of loss and ultimately, need.  The need to get that relationship back and become better partners for these women in the end.

Remember that old saying, “You don’t know what you had until it’s gone?”   It’s almost magical when it comes to a man who seemed emotionally indifferent during a relationship.  Give him enough time to realize how much he misses you and what he had when he was in this relationship with you and you’ll find him wanting to be a better man for you as a result of his own deep-seated feelings of need.