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Psychic Love & Getting Even: When revenge is its own sweet treat

strawberry cheesecakeI generally don’t advocate revenge when I’m conducting readings for clients.

However, there are times when revenge sits front and center in the cards looking as utterly luscious as the world’s best strawberry cheesecake waiting to be devoured.

I admit, I have on occasion provided my clients intuitively with revenge-like strategies I perceived from their Personal Prophesy card readings that would enable them to get an important point across when dealing with others who haven’t treated them quite the way they should and a little payback is in order.

What kind of revenge?  The kind that makes life seem instantly satisfying.  Immediately gratifying.  And even at times, downright  sinfully sweet.   The kind of revenge where you walk away, pulling a tight fist close to your chest as you triumphantly hiss to yourself, “Yessss!”

But let’s not call it ‘revenge’ per se…I prefer to think of it as a little artfully constructed retaliation  – especially when there’s a specific learning experience for the receiver purposely attached.

For instance:

The kind of retaliation where the cards insist that a lesson in Jealouscide is definitely in order.  For instance, when the fantastic gal you’ve been dating suddenly dumps you in a text message: “Sorry, getting back together with Poindexter. Bye!”   The cards indicate she can’t stand being upstaged, even when appearances are deceiving.  So what do you do?  You make sure she sees you having the time of your life with some major Arm Candy at the very next event both of you will be attending.

If you don’t have a gorgeous female friend who can pose as your amazingly-hot date (a friend she doesn’t know, of course), hire one from a classy escort service if you have to. The jaw-dropping look on her face will be oh-so-worth the expense. When those text messages start streaming in (and they will), don’t respond. Let her wonder about you.  All.  Night.  Long.

The kind of retaliation where the cards advise you to be aggressively passive.  For instance, pointedly approaching the boss to review with you the private phone call policy on the job when your so-called ‘mentor’ is within earshot, having chastised you repeatedly for calling your daycare provider when she/he has been abusing the phone like crazy with their own personal calls.

Do try to hold back from giving your, ahem, “mentor” an SEG (sh*t eating grin) after the boss pats you on the back and compliments the great job you’re doing.  She/he got the message.  Oh yeah, big time.

The kind of retaliation where your wife/husband takes you so for granted that the cards inspire you to send yourself a dozen roses with a card attached that reads, “You know I adore you.  Leave that nasty shrew/jerk /loser you married and I will make all of your dreams come true.”

Revel in the jealous rant – and the better treatment – that naturally ensues.

The kind of retaliation where the cards reveal that your best friend is betraying you by tricking her into showing her true self by sharing a huge imaginary “secret” with her that ends up traveling the gossip circuit and comes back to you through other friends.

You can publicly humiliate her or simply walk away, shaking your head in disgust.  Your choice.

Not to mention the many assorted retaliatory-driven sweet treats in between.

Bottom line, when life is giving you lemons, the cards will clearly indicate that you indeed can make lemonade your way – including peeing straight into the pitcher when necessary.

After all, we don’t ever have to accept being at the mercy of anyone doing us wrong.  We have the right to change the angle on just about everything that impacts our lives by using the cards to our benefit in readings.  As long as there’s an important lesson involved…you betcha.

That means, you don’t have to take crap when the cards in your reading clearly say otherwise.  You don’t have to be someone else’s victim or puppet or taken-for-granted dishrag.  You don’t have to live your life on their terms rather than your own.

You can expertly work the situation to your own best advantage and in many instances retaliation of the most meaningful and empowering kind will be your own best weapon.

The cards in readings can – and will – guide you intuitively and effortlessly every step of the way!