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Starting September 22nd: You can get an instant reading from me!

A card saying What's stopping you?

Starting Tuesday, September 22, I will be available daily through my new 800 number.

Calling in, you will only get *me* – Deborah Leigh – not a bunch of other unknown readers on a phone line.

Just me – the only living subject matter expert of the Personal Prophesy method I use to perceive the future and guide those who come to me for readings to make the future that much better.  I have an excellent success rate in terms of my reading recipients.

During your session with me, we will look at your life as you are living it in the Present – AND perceive in the process how to make the situations in your life that much better as a result of that perception.

Relationships? Marriage? Career? Family issues? Friends, coworkers – even affairs.  I bring no judgment to the readings I conduct.

When I conduct readings, I’m here for you 100 percent. Anything you share with me – and your reading – is always kept confidential.

My 800 number where you can contact me when I’m available is 1-844-7292.

You will receive five free minutes with me when you call in.

I look forward to hearing from you!