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Taking the Journey from an Ex to an Ex to an Ex: What did you learn from these relationships?

Right now, right this minute:  Think back on all of your exes.  Ex-boyfriends/girlfriends/ex-spouses.

Imagine all of them – in this instant – sitting in a row in front of you.

Can you go down the row and point from one to the next and say, “From this one, I learned (blank)…from that one I learned (blank).” And so on – perhaps finding in the mix that one sitting in the row that still produces a tremendous ache in your heart but you know you’re on the road toward forgiving him or her for hurting you?

If you find yourself thinking, “Absolutely not!”  That’s okay.

Really…it’s okay.

When the time is right, when you’ve achieved enough distance in terms of time and you’ve reached that place where you can look back on your own emotional past taking stock of it this philosophically, you’ll be able to line them up.  And yes, you will be able to decipher precisely what you learned from each and every one of the past partners in your life.

You’ll even be able to understand why that “one” still makes your heart ache.

The cards will guide you in this respect.

When you feel ready, ask about each of these past partners in a Personal Prophesy reading. Don’t be afraid to take that step. Why hold yourself back from turning around and taking a good, long look at your own past and being able to gain important, meaningful insight from it?

You’ll be able to come to terms with your own healing in the process. You’ll so often find from such a reading that it wasn’t “you” that led to the painful demise of a particular relationship at all.  You’ll be able to better understand for yourself the serious personality flaw in that past partner, the fatal emotional dysfunction in that man or woman which led to the inevitable breakup.

Even your own immaturity at the time.

And you’ll be able to at long last walk away from the pain, grateful – yes, grateful! – for the meaningful learning experience that was involved.

Remember, we are today the result of all we’ve experienced up to this point in our lives. What we’ve suffered, what we’ve agonized over, what we’ve come to accept and, ultimately, gained wisdom from due to these experiences makes us who we are right now – today.

Such understanding is what inspires true emotional and spiritual growth in us for the future.

You’ll know when you finally stand on the other side of the bridge and can say, “From this past partner, I learned (blank), from that one, I learned (blank) and the one who still makes my heart ache?  I now know and understand the reason why.”

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