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S.L, Florida: 

Can’t describe how thankful I am to you. You are like an angel leading me, so I can make the right choices. I trust every word you say. Thank you so very much for reading for me, I really needed to know the answers. Now I feel calm. I feel so happy I found you! I appreciate your support very much.”

E.W, New York: 

Deborah,  thank you do much for my wonderful reading. You were so right about Brad. I broke up with him right before Thanksgiving and feel that it was definitely the right decision.   And just like you said, I met someone at a gathering over New Year’s and he is completely taking me by surprise. My reaction to him is so strong. I am thinking and feeling things I haven’t felt for years.  Thank you so much for your guidance!”

K. D., Florida:
“Thank you, Deborah, for all your insights and for teaching me Personal Prophesy and contributing to all of my beautiful growth! I now read the cards all the time for others and me and I am accurate. It has enhanced my life and my relationships. It has helped me make decisions; it’s done all the things you say it will if you are open to them. Thank you!”

D. J., San Antonio, TX:

“Deborah’s essays that she writes for us on here seem to speak to me directly. I read them and cherish them and learn from them. I am a very intuitive person and strive to live the best way I know possible. Life has given me my shares of ups and downs and I feel like I am coming to another crossroad on my journey. These essays will help me to go forward with peace in my heart.”

T. H., Baltimore:
“How wonderful it is that Deborah is so willing to share such a beautiful gift. I know Personal Prophesy is a learned skill. Yet, without her teaching and her clear desire to offer this to so many people, it could never be shared so fully. I just think she is such a special person!”

K. R., Virginia:

Thank you for teaching us all so much. On top of all of the teachings and friendships you’re presence in my life was a great catalyst for taking the leap I have been planning and talking about for some time now. So – again…thank you!

J. G., USA:

As always, you out did yourself with comforting words and intuitive accuracy. I have read my reading so many times now that I think I have it memorized. You have a tremendous gift of expressing feelings and reasons that gives me much comfort. I always take your advice, wisdom and counsel to heart. You have not only captured the essence of me in my reading but of “him” too. You are the very best and I sincerely thank you for the kindness and caring thoughts reflected in every word, sentence and  page of my reading. I will cherish it dearly as I have cherished my other readings from you. I retain them all as keepsakes, that upon reflection, always pass the test of time.