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“The Message: Your Secrets in the Cards” written by Deborah Leigh

O Books The Message by Deborah Leigh“My life will never change.” “I’ll never be happy.” “I’ll never feel loved.”

Millions the world over feel the same deep frustrations about their lives as they attempt – and typically fail – to achieve their own most precious dreams.

The revolutionary guidance contained in this book will enable you to perceive the future and put it to work for you as you live Today, making it possible to take control and genuinely empower your life in ways you never imagined for Tomorrow.

You’ll learn to use your own intuition and rely on it completely as you strive for greater success, happiness and love in the Present.  You’ll also achieve better decision-making, stronger relationships, more productive career paths to follow in the Future.

With this book, you’ll come to know yourself and those around you so well intuitively that nothing need ever be left to Chance in your life again!

The Message:  Your Secrets in the Cards is the recognized hands-on manual for the Personal Prophesy card reading method.

It contains:

  • All three levels of the Personal Prophesy card reading course

You’ll learn what each of the cards in the deck mean intuitively and how to put them together in an accurate reading.

  • How to sharpen your own intuitive perception

You’ll have at your fingertips exercises to help you tap your own intuitiveness and develop it until it becomes second nature on a daily basis.

  • How to expertly conduct readings for yourself and others.

Yes, you can even “go pro” if you want to, simply by utilizing the instruction and advice contained in this book!

“The Message:  Your Secrets in the Cards” will open doors to new insight while providing tons of interesting subject matter.  It will teach you how to develop your own intuitive ability, enabling you to look at your life and its relationships from a highly empowering point of view.  Best of all, it’s an easy, entertaining read that isn’t full of 50 dollar language that you’d practically need a college degree to comprehend.

Those who’ve studied with Deborah Leigh have said the book is a “must have” if you want to learn more about the cards you’ve been dealt in life.  This book will also enable you to empower yourself for the future.

Incredibly, it’s all done with an ordinary deck of playing cards!

You can obtain a copy of “The Message: Your Secrets in the Cards” from Barnes & Noble and other online booksellers.

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