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When you have no identity…who ‘are’ you?

Fotolia_2191837_XSAsk yourself right now, how connected are you when it comes to your own identity?

If your answer is, “Not very,” take heart.  Your response is characteristic of most of the human race.

The vast majority present themselves to the world with a carefully crafted facade they’ve created for themselves.  A beautiful facade.  A facade so downright perfect that nothing can ever crack its flawlessness.

Realistically speaking, when you have no true identity of your own, you will inevitably assume one.  You’ll adopt one.  In some way, shape or form, you’ll hide behind one.  It may not ever be ‘who’ you really are, but it will in time become your identity.

Ultimately, you will forget completely that you ever had any individuality to express in terms of yourself and what you project to the world at large.  You’ve assumed an artificial identity for yourself.  And it seems to serve you well.

Guess what?  The cards in Personal Prophesy readings will always reveal in readings your own true identity.  You can run, you can hide, you can even be a master at the art of bullsh*t in every facet of your life, but the cards will flesh out your true identity every time.

The cards know precisely ‘who’ you are on an elemental core level.  They capture and translate your pain, your fear. They characterize and transmit perceptually through the cards your deepest hopes and dreams.  You may think you are rough and tough enough where no one will ever know the “real you” or how you really feel about anything in terms of your life, but the cards will know.  And those cards will speak volumes about your true identity in readings.

Here’s what is most important.

Regardless of how you choose to project yourself to the world, Personal Prophesy readings will guide you from that private elemental level. With the guidance of the cards, you enable yourself to create a far more realistic identity for yourself.  An identity that enables you to step out and become more ‘real’ in terms of your relationships and interactions with others.  In terms of ‘who’ you really are.

Think of the happiness you have to gain in the process.

Give yourself that chance.  After all, what have you got to lose?