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Why Didn’t I?

You thought you knew the path to the future you were destined to take. Off to college, going back to college. Striving to nail down this job, that job. Marrying someone you loved. You found yourself suddenly going in an entirely new direction due to extenuating circumstances. Obstacles. Roadblocks. Knocking on doors in a figurative sense that just don’t open for you. That once-loving relationship ended.

Here’s what the reality is in terms of these situations.

Point blank: You weren’t meant intuitively to take that direction with your life. If you were, those doors would have swung wide open for you.

Instead, you’re being led in an entirely new direction. The right direction for you that will lead you toward the happiness, self-fulfillment and success you deserve.

We’ve all heard the saying: “Shoulda, woulda, coulda” – yet all that saying essentially means is that you need to stop focusing on the past with feelings of deep regret. Had it been meant to be, remember:  it would have been.

In retrospect, you wish you had taken a certain step. It’s time to stop looking back. You would have taken that step if it was, again – meant to be. You didn’t get that job, marry the one you loved, finish that college degree. Why? Because you were being guided toward an entirely new future.

Intuitively speaking after the hundreds of readings I’ve conducted over the years, you end up where you are meant to be. You thought you wanted to go in one direction. Then, the Universe (higher power, God, however you believe) intervened to set you on an entirely new path.

The right path for you leading to the future.

Watch and see. You’ll end up where you are meant to be with the right job, the right partner in marriage and the right time to finish your degree.

It’s a matter of allowing yourself to let the future take you where you’re meant to be. Ultimately, it will.

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